Data Integration

When you are looking for signals in data, having instant access to large datasets that are pre-processed, cleaned and ready for mining, now that is a game changer.

Any dataset available instantly with one click

We flipped the model of data integration. By handling the entire ETL and cleansing process behind the platform, you never have to learn advanced SQL or need a data engineering team to be using data for your modeling.

User accessing Finsera's reports from his cellphone
Different laptops connected to Finsera's data core

Instantly mix-mesh different data sets and extract intelligence

A unique approach to combining data sets in a simple to use expression language, lets you think of all your data sets as one and combine them any way you choose.

Never worry about scale. Go bigger than big data.

We built our platform from the ground up, so that you have access to cloud scale. Load as much data as you need, 1MB or 1PB, it works just the same.

Multiple laptops all interconnected to the same data

Maximize your productivity with our comprehensive data integration tools

Finsera provides asset managers a robust and flexible toolkit to harness their investment insights