Complete Investment Platform

Develop, test and deploy investment strategies
using our subscription-based SaaS platform

RIAs, Trading Desks and ETF Providers icon

RIAs, Trading Desks and ETF Providers

Advisers can quickly offer custom thematic baskets to their investors without learning how to program.

Trading desks and ETF groups can use the basket functionality to create custom swaps and solutions for their clients.

Research Analysts

Research Analysts

Research groups can quickly vet investment ideas, develop factors and analyze models for their clients and internal teams.

Quantitative managers have access to a comprehensive end-to-end research infrastructure with detailed return and risk analytics from a library of tools and data sets.

Portfolio Managers icon

Portfolio Managers

Managers can incorporate systematic analysis in their processes in a fraction of the time. The robust architecture allows for efficient scenario analysis.

They can launch quickly, develop strategies on the platform's fully automated process, and oversee the strategy re-balancing process from research to trading.

Finsera makes it as simple as 1, 2, 3!

From investment strategy idea to production in days.

Start with a discovery call so we understand your investment needs

We demonstrate how you can implement them quickly using Finsera

Develop, test, and deploy your ideas using our platform

An innovative and secure platform to explore and deploy investment ideas

Finsera provides asset managers with a robust and flexible toolkit to harness their investment insights.

Board with reports and the crowd is all the features Finsera offers for investment testing
Turning reports and analysis into trading

Intuitive, enabling and cost effective

State-of-the art investment platforms are increasingly out of reach for most managers who do not have the means to build a team of quantitative researchers and developers, and support a complex infrastructure.

Empower Your Investment Team

With Finsera, managers can quickly and efficiently construct and deploy complete investment strategies at a fraction of time and cost