Universe Construction

When building an investment strategy, the first question a manager needs to ask is which is the set of stocks should be included in the portfolio. Finsera provides an easy and intuitive interface, which with a few clicks, enables a manager to define the desired universe.

An integrated asset master

Under the hood, Finsera builds on FactSet symbology and entity relationships to identify assets over time and on RBICS for industry assignment resulting in universes that are point-in-time and bias-free.

Laptop connected to Finsera assets master build on FactSet symbology
Universe of assets built on Finsera

Design custom universes or bring your own

Create historical equity universes with easy screening rules or filter holdings from a database of ETFs. Global universes which update daily for accurate backtesting. Or you can upload your own universes to use in signal analysis and backtesting.

Create your ideal investment portfolio starting with our universe construction tools

Finsera provides asset managers a robust and flexible toolkit to harness their investment insights